The Great Website of Frame Bombs

Q: How did you learn about frame bombs?

A: I was taught the original in 2004. I taught myself almost all the rest, with some help from my friends.

Q: What do I do if I know of a cool frame bomb that isn't in the book? Or if I made a great sculpture?

A: Send it to me via email if you like. You could also describe it in words. I'll add it to the gallery.

Q: What has frame bombing as a hobby given you?

A: Lots of calluses. Really, though, I have developed strong fingers, high dexterity, and kinetic intelligence skills.

Q: What are the best frame bombs you've ever built?

A: The largest was a Helm I made out of 1x4's, which were about 12 feet long. The most sticks were used in the model of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, with about 3000 to 4000 sticks. The 3D guitar remains the coolest frame bomb, which you could also call the most realistic frame bomb. You can see these records in the Gallery. The late great Tim Fort holds a record for the longest stick bomb chain reaction.

Q: How long will it take me to learn to frame bomb?

A: It depends on the level you want to reach. You can get started with enough prowess to chuck an Original across the room right here on this site in about a minute. It took me three years to reach the level required for that 3,000 stick castle, but I was teaching myself, and you may well be more talented than I am. And there's still more to learn about frame bombs and plenty of room for improvement.

Q: How much does this hobby cost?

A: Popsicle sticks are cheap. Real cheap, and they're reusable. A box of 1000 (they're much cheaper in bulk) will run you somewhere from two to six dollars. That should last you well into your first forays into frame bombing, if not further. A starting database of instructions is free on this site..

Q: What do you do with frame bomb sculptures after they're built?

A: Well, they're not that fun to me after they're done. I photograph them and take them apart before the sticks warp; that way I can start building something else! Sometimes I let the dog use them as a toy.

Q: Can frame bombs be built with one hand?

A: Yeah. Currently, I'm good at doing one Helm in each hand, and I can stretch to make a Star. Other frame bombs are much tougher one handed, and some other limb may be necessary. Each one involves a different strategy.

Q: When a frame bomb explodes, whose job is it to pick up the sticks?

A: Whoever blew it up. People often want to detonate the bombs I build. That's fine with me, but the detonator should be the one to clean it up if you ask me.

Q: What varieties of sticks are good?

A: One brand seems as good as another for the most part. However, I don't recommend skillsticks (the kind with pieces carved out of them) because they are weaker, nor colored sticks, because the paint seems to make them more slippery. Different shapes of sticks can produce different results.

Q: What kind of glue do you use?

A: No.