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frame bomb popsicle stick castle

frame bomb popsicle stick guitar

What is a frame bomb? A frame bomb is a Popsicle stick bomb, grenade, flyer, or weave; call them what you will. They are craft stick structures temporarily held together by the tension from other sticks in the same weave. No glue or adhesive is used, only sticks and elastic energy.

So it's much more fun than other craft stick structures you've seen in the past!

frame bomb popsicle stick one handed helm four sticks samurai ninja

Raise your dexterity and practice the discipline of a frame bomb samurai! Let your fingers blur!

frame bomb popsicle stick ninja star shuriken samurai

They're play equipment - did I mention they can be used as projectiles and will explode in a shower of sticks upon impact? Keep a Frisbee in your back pocket! Start a Nerf-style war!

frame bomb popsicle stick flyer glider ship plane frame bomb pospicle stick peace hippy frisbee

Think outside of the box.

box of craft sticks

They're art and sculpture.

Decorate your room!

basilisk snake bird phoenix frame bomb popsicle stick room decoration

Practice some engineering skills, use your imagination, supplement your box of Legoes!

This site should be able to answer a lot of your questions about frame bombs. Check out the How-to for some instructions, read the FAQ, view the Gallery for inspiration, and browse what other people have to say on the subject at Links. If you want to know still more, buy the Book for complete instructions, and email me at the Contact page if you still have questions!

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